Monday, February 18, 2008

Finally, some pictures of ME!!

This is the family picture we got taken. It turned out really well, but this is a picture of a picture, so doesn't transfer well. You can't see it, but Sebastian has his little tongue sticking out!!This one is horrible, but it shows me with 2 of my favourite boys. Rob was in New York, so didn't make the picture. I had given Sebastian an "emergency" bath at Rob's parents' house, so that's the water marks in my armpit...not sweat, I promise!!
This one is good, but includes only Sebastian. Hopefully I'll manage to get a few good ones (of all of us!) before they're too old to want to do it. You, know, when Matthew stops making his "Cheese" face!

So, this has been the last couple of weeks....

We finally moved Sebastian out of our room. You can see how much he likes it.

It only took a couple of days for him to adjust and is now sleeping soundly.

Matthew's week started off okay with Valentine's day gifts and fun with Nana and Grandpa:

And ended with yet another ear infection and fever. Not to mention he's getting his 2 year teeth have been good, but these ones really suck!! You know he's hurting when he'll cuddle for more than 1 minute. Poor Matthew. Hopefully spring gets here soon!!!!

Friday, February 08, 2008

Two New Favourite Pictures

The smiling milestone has been achieved and I'm happy to admit that I have turned into that parent who does absolutely anything to make it happen constantly. This includes raspberries and stupid faces at the most inappropriate me, not him! This picture gives me a bit of insight as to what I have in store in about 13 years. I see attitude all over this picture (he comes by that honestly)! Keep in mind that the second after the flash went off, we were graced with the "CHEESE" face we've grown so accustomed to!

Are our boys not the most adorable humans you've ever seen?

February Fun

The last few days have been hectic, but fun. Rob spent the week in New York, so I decided to take the boys on a road trip to our home town. We got snowed in, so ended up staying an extra day with Rob's parents...all of us were truly spoiled for four days!
We spent one day at the Children's Museum (one of my favourite places) with Matthew and my parents. I'm not sure who had more Mom and Dad, or Matthew!
Hold on, Grandpa!My Mom and Matthew at the space station

After that, Sebastian and I went to visit Rob's Grandma. Sebastian is her (at least) 25th great-grandchild! She loves babies and although she is a tiny woman, she bounced Sebastian around like he was light as a feather! His check-up yesterday said that he is NOT a feather: 14lbs 3oz at 2 months; he's more like a brick!As always, Nana and Grandpa provided lots of entertainment as well. Matthew got to spend 3 days as Fire Chief and enjoyed every second!

We had a great week....we missed Daddy so much, but time flew by and tomorrow we'll wake up a family of four again.