Saturday, July 21, 2007

Not Always an Angel

This is for all of you who say to us "Is Matthew ever unhappy?"

Why, yes, there are times when he can be quite the little bear. He is, after all, almost 2 and is not willing to let you forget that.

And yes, Heather, this is my new screen saver!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Buck Lake July 2007

Well, another fun week was had at Buck Lake over Canada Day and the following week. What made it even better was having Darren and Nicola there with us. The only bad thing was Matthew learning the word "Again." Thanks, Darren! I guess that's payback for being woken up every day at 5:30am by a toddler screaming the word "TIPTOE!"

We got some great pictures (thanks to Dee and Ron, ever vigilant with the camera!), but unfortunately none of Nicola. Well, we'll always have the memory of the disco dance with Matthew!

What a great week. We'll miss you guys (among other things, none of us can drive the Cozy Coupe with the same panache!).
With Daddy on the Dock

Splashing around with Darren
I love this picture!