Wednesday, January 30, 2008

More Pictures

Count your blessings. Here are mine.

Playing games with Grandma and Grandpa

"Really, another picture?"


Sebastian's new hat, Matthew's old hat (I love it, he hates it!)

Sebastian's favourite way to sleep. I think he would stick if Rob got up!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Mostly Pictures

Just settling in to the routine...finally!

Matthew is growing up so fast!

Possibly the worst picture of me in a long time, but I had to show that I too, get some time in with the boys!

And, if you can believe it (I certainly can't!), this picture is taken just before Matthew kissed his little brother on the cheek. We're making progress; if only I could figure out our camera so that I get the actual kiss, not the "fraction of a second too soon" picture. It only happens once, then he's off like a rocket, so no retakes!

And here are our boys, at roughly the same age, wearing the same clothes. You could never tell they're related, right?


Sebastian (look at that belly!)

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Happy New Year!

Welcome 2008!

I didn't actually make it to New Year's this year, as friends will attest to (the sound of my snores drowned out the fireworks!), but New Year's Day was the best yet. We got to have breakfast with good friends and then spend the rest of the day playing in the snow (and a little bit of napping). Hopefully the rest of the year shapes up to be as good.

Slowly but surely we're inching them together. Maybe we'll get one of Matthew smiling someday soon (don't hold your breath; I'm certainly not!)

Matthew's newest obsession is doing everything just like Daddy. This includes plowing the driveway. He uses this toy lawn mower as a snow blower and follows as close as safety will allow behind Rob. It's absolutely adorable!

And here are some pictures of Sebastian. He really does open his eyes, I promise!

Merry Christmas!

Christmas brought many toys, many laughs and much food...what more could anyone ask for? Hope yours was just as good!

It's no mistake how far apart Matthew and Aunt Julie are...Matthew would not come near anyone holding his brother, even with the promise of more toys. Maybe next year!

"Matthew, come sit next to me."


Matthew's most prized gifts this year included a new trike and a fully functional (with a Sawsall, without a FUBAR) tool bench just like Daddy's.

My boys before the family arrived on Christmas day. What more could a girl ask for at Christmas?