Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Our loveable huggable kids

We recently had a 3 month old baby over at the house. When he was crying, Sebastian told us that he was faking.

When I asked Matthew if he liked going to Beavers, he says (with attitude): "Of course I do. What's not to like?"

Our conversation about faith: "What's faith, Mommy?"
"Believing in something you can't see."
"Like I have faith that Santa is going to come even though I can't see him."
Don't worry, I had a short conversation about the real meaning of Christmas after that.
After picking Sebastian up from daycare this week:
"I didn't get a time out today, Momma." Proud.
"That's great, Sebastian. Do you usually get a time out?"
"No." Pause."I usually have 8 time outs." Maybe it's time to investigate why his teachers look so relieved when I pick him up.

Matthew is so serious and thoughtful. He told me he wants to be a scientist so he can be smart like me. I'm pretty sure he's already smarter than me.

As soon as we reach the end of our rope with Sebastian, he looks at us and says: "I yuv you. You the best Momma (Daddy) in the whole universe. I a good boy now? How 'bout some nuggles?"
Our favourite things right now: Uno, basketball, soccer, catch.

Thanks for making our lives so much fun, boys!