Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Vegas, Baby.

So much fun! We got to spend time drinking, eating and watching country music. It was AWESOME! This is us on the strip the first night there. You've gotta love a city based on booze and gambling. Then, a private concert (about 2800 people) with Blake Shelton. Then, Trace Adkins came on stage. I was this close.
Needless to say, I lost all decorum when he got on stage. I love, love, love Trace Adkins.

Next, helicopter ride to the Grand Canyon. When we crested over the top, the pilot played Ride of the Valkyries from Star Wars. Amazing. Pictures don't do it justice, so I just posted me and Rob. We're pretty amazing ;)

Here's our fleet.

Then, we got ready for the Country Music Awards.

They confiscated our cameras, so no pictures. I'll always have the memories! Awesome. The free booze helped, but even the sober bits were awesome. So necessary before our move. I would recommend it to anyone. But, I repeat, do not fly with a two and four year old. Even if you get to go to Vegas the weekend before!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Before the Move

So it's out of order...I can't be perfect all the time! If you read down, the flight was so traumatic, I had to post it in order to help me forget it. Hence, out of order.

The weekend before we moved, Rob and I went to Las Vegas (post to follow), so these are the weekend before that. A little cold but sunny, so we made the most of it. We went to a park near our house, where we ran into one of Matthew's school friends. Together, they went back in time to ride the dinosaurs.

Followed closely by Sebastian.

The following day, we went to see Grandma, Uncle Jason and Aunt Julie. While waiting for the group to get together, Matthew and Sebastian played outside. Don't worry, the sticks were taken away as soon as the game turned from "Knights with Swords" to "Jockey in horse race" (Sebastian jockey, Matthew poor whipped horse). No scars, minor tears, no problems.

We then went bowling. Only little kids can make bowling shoes look cute.

Matthew's bowling form is certainly to be envied. Picture Fred Flinstone approach, with a baseball slide into home.

Sebastian was so proud of Matthew. Here, he's going in for the congratulatory hug.

Then, he kicked all of our asses. Yes, he's only two. In our defence, he did have bumpers. I know; it's still pretty embarassing. When was the last time you put on bowling shoes??

The Move...OMG.

Don't move with a four and two year old. Just don't. Wait until they can fly by themselves. Or can be entertained with an i-pod or video games. No. Just don't.

I thought they would be excited by the plane. After all, at the airport we flew out of, we got to actually walk on the tarmac and up some stairs into the plane. For a minute or two, the flight was good.

Then it turned really, really bad.

For almost two solid hours, Sebastian kicked the back of the seat in front of him. The woman was 70 if she was a day. At one point, she reclined the chair by a fraction of an inch. That was it for Sebastian. That chair (and the lady in it) were bobbing like we were flying through a hurricane. Matthew could not sit still for even an instant. Not one. Think of a Mexican Jumping bean after hatching in Red Bull. Luckily, it was only 2 hours. That said, the airline posted our pictures with a note informing ticket agents to NEVER let us on their planes again.

Since we had moved, but our furniture was still in transit, we got to stay for a few days in a hotel. The boys were so excited about the pool. So excited that as soon as we got there, they NEEDED to put on their life jackets. Instead of dealing with the end of the world as they knew it, we made them a deal. They could wear their lifejackets, but not go swimming until the following day. They were okay with that. As a result: TV in pajamas and lifejackets.

It took quite a while, but finally they settled down. Together. This picture almost makes me forget the flight. Almost.

Rest assured, this picture will not be forgotten on first dates or weddings.