Wednesday, October 21, 2009


What a beautiful weekend we had at the cottage. It was cold, but of course, that didn't stop anyone. Especially one camera-happy Mommy! I hate fall for being the season that brings us winter, but it is surely my favourite for pictures!
Sebastian and Matthew loved the dock. Almost more than they did in the summer. Watching the pretty-coloured leaves fall into the water made them so excited. As well, picking the leaves for the Thanksgiving centre-piece was a responsibility they took very seriously.

"Come on, Sebastian! Come look at the water. But you have to WALK." Spoken just like his Daddy!
Picking out leaves for the centre piece.
Loving every second with Grandma.
"What about this one? I think it would look great in our cornucopia." Yep, my son not only can pronounce, but knows the meaning of the word cornucopia. Thanks, Nana! Even Indy enjoyed the cool air and bright sunshine.
These next pictures are just me having fun with the camera. It's so hard not to take a million pictures of such adorable people!
See you next summer, Cottage!

Fire Station

Thanks to one of our neighbours, we took a spur of the moment trip to the firestation. A 100th anniversary party including fire trucks, firestation tour and BBQ. We had a great day.
Sitting in the trucks was a huge highlight for both boys.

Making the siren sound in the 1940's truck was another. They're both really smart boys, but may have hearing problems...."Only once" meant absolutely nothing to them. In fact, when being told this instruction by a fire fighter, both looked at him like he was reciting quantum physics. (Which Matthew may understand)

The only low-light of the day for Sebastian was Sparky, the fire-dog. Much like animatronics, Sebastian does not care for costume-clad characters. We found the best way to threaten Sebastian into staying with us instead of running off in every direction was to tell him Sparky was coming. We're horrible, we know, but seriously, he's TWO; anything to get him to stay in one spot for more than 3 seconds! Anyway, we made it up to him by getting ice cream after the event. All's well that ends in ice cream.

Now both the boys want to be firefighters. I hope it's not related to the obsession with that pole....

Monday, October 12, 2009

Indiana '09

Well, no wiffleball tourney this year, but we had fun just the same! We got to bake:

Eat ice cream:
Share ice cream:
Run around after eating ice cream:

Hang around the kitchen table and tell stories:
And generally just catch up with old friends.

Now, Sebastian is not doing too much talking (or at least, he wasn't when this was taken), but he did learn the word "Josh." When we left Indiana, it was "Josh?" complete with hands up in questioning as in "Where's Josh?" Since we left, any new male he meets, he calls Josh. Obviously he made a new friend!

Thank you so much Josh, Myah, Sophie, Halle and Ian for being the best hosts we could ask for! Can't wait to do it again really soon!

Donkey Sanctuary

I love this place. The boys do, too and we all feel good about donating to the donkeys. This organization does a great thing. If you're in the mood for some light reading.....

Anyway, we took the boys and some friends for a morning of fun in a barn. Doesn't sound fun, but it was.

Our friends making new ones.
Our boys brushing something only slightly larger than Indy. We asked, and the volunteers said just because something acts like an ass, doesn't mean it actually is one. Sorry Indy, you're stuck with us!

Matthew refused to take his shades off, even in the barn. The result: Corey Hart pictures of Boy with Goat.

Our kids are so cute!