Saturday, January 31, 2009

So Christmas was more than a month ago...

So sue me. We're busy, get over it.

Now, in the spirit of the long-past season: We hope your holiday brought you half as much joy and laughter as it brought us, and that 2009 brings you everything you're wishing for.

Christmas Eve

As per tradition, we spent the day of Christmas Eve with my family. The kids got some amazing gifts (as did the adults with our stealing game!), but the highlight of the day: Matthew wore a sweater. No, really, he did. Here's proof:

But then he took it off. Apparently it was too hot. Oh well; we have that one picture of him in a sweater. We'll treasure the memory.

Sebastian was really excited about his gift from Grandma and Grandpa: a dump truck that he gets to ride, and dump his body weight full of megablocks! Oh yeah, and honk the horn. Incessantly.

Matthew got Transformers. Here we're not trying to figure out what it turns into, but how to get it out of the damn box!

Matthew was a great Christmas elf. Here he's giving a gift to Grandma.

Here Grandpa is helping Sebastian play with some of his new toys.

And props have to be given to the photographer for the day: Way to go, Aunt Julie! Without her, no pictures would have been taken. Or at the very least, none with the same sort of panache. Also, we maybe would not have gotten this gem: The Serious Face:She did take a break at the end of the evening to read stories to Matthew. Luckily the camera was not far, and I got this one. A true treasure. A wonderful day was had by all, with more food than we care to think about (but the scales won't let me forget about!) and laughs heard a mile away (mostly Aunt Julie's antics). Our kids were pretty much asleep before we had them in the car for the ride home...a sure sign that they had a wonderful time. As did the rest of us.

We did not pose Matthew; this is really how he sleeps in the car.

Christmas Day

This was Matthew's first Christmas of understanding the concept of Santa Clause. It was great for us, because he got the concept, but not so much that he lost sleep over it! That being said, he did get up at his regular time of 6:00am, so we're in BIG trouble next year!
The best part of Christmas was, without a doubt, Matthew's sense of wonderment and absolute awe and amazement that Santa had come. To say it was magical sounds so cliche, but it's the only way to describe it. Totally wonderful is another.
Here he is finding the stockings that were empty when he left them.
Next, we went to see what Santa had left by the tree. The only thing Matthew asked for from Santa was a Hotwheels set that "dropped the car into a bowl." We're not sure where this idea came from, but it stuck with him. When it was left at the tree, his belief in the big red man was a sealed deal. As you can see, Rob is as excited as Matthew was. (Truth be told, he's just excited it worked after all the hard work the elves put into getting it together. After a bottle of Merlot).
Of course, Santa did not leave Sebastian gift-less. He's had his moments, but a lump of coal was not in the cards. He got a Wonderpets flyboat. Santa must have had some great elves to blow that one up. By herself. Without an airpump. Hot air jokes are not appreciated.
Since the kids are constantly fighting for our laptops, we thought they could get ones for each other.
Sebastian's from Matthew
And Matthew's from Sebastian
Now they fight over each others'.
The afternoon was spent with the Rob's family. Again, so much fun was had I neglected to take pictures. As always, we were all spoiled totally rotten and ate way too much. All in all, a fantastic Christmas!
Here's a picture showcasing that Matthew's "Tongue of Concentration" is, apparently, a hereditary trait.

Thank you for such a wonderful Christmas, family!

Monday, January 05, 2009

Sebastian's First Birthday

Already I need to be posting for 13 months (which is not going to happen, by the way).
Poor Sebastian; with a December birthday, things tend to get behind because there is SO much going on. As a result, he gets a whole post all to himself.
Our 1 year check-up proved what we've been saying all along: our baby is a big 'un. He's 25.5 lbs and 73cm (I'll have to double check that stat) long. Back on the charts for weight, off for length. He's walking, but not talking. His best form of communication is pointing. We think he's said yogurt, but he was pointing at Indy. Oh well, language will come (and you know what they say: we spend the first couple of years getting them to walk and talk, and the rest of their lives getting them to sit down and shut up).
For Sebastian's first birthday, we celebrated as his older brother did: with an ear infection and the eruption of 4 molars. Needless to say, it's better he won't remember this one! As a result of the cranky/snotty/not-sleeping boy, the planned birthday party had to be rescheduled at least twice. When we finally did have it, our little man was in fine spirits and celebrated like only we can: with too much food and laughter (giggles galore, in his case). It was a fantastic party!
Rob, Matthew and James (our friends' one year old) helped Sebastian open his gifts.
James was not too happy about giving up the present he gave Sebastian, but he eventually got over it. Rob, on the other hand is still wondering why our friends were so cruel as to buy us a drum set, inside of which are even more LOUD instruments. Payback's a "B", Luke and Allison!
The Cake (a Monkey for our Monkey)
Our Monkey eating his Monkey (cake).
"Uh, Lisa? What was that noise, and why does he look so happy?" (I like to play the game of "Last one holding the baby changes the diaper;" especially with Uncle Jason).
The Obligatory Group Shots. You can see how much our children enjoy them.
The Men (everyone's looking at a different camera. I love the chaos that is 5 digital cameras at once).
The Women and Boys
A fun day was had by all, especially Sebastian. He told us later that he's excited to do it again next year. Twice as excited if it's the week before Christmas again!

Thursday, January 01, 2009

No, I haven't forgotten about the blog....

I have too many pictures and not enough time! Hopefully 2009 allows me to get my ass in gear and keep this up to date. I'll post soon with Sebastian's birthday pics/stats, and our holiday shenanigans. I promise.