Thursday, September 27, 2007

Warning: "See Food" Picture follows

Sorry for the lag....our lives have been a little crazy lately. The details will follow shortly, I'm sure.

Anyway, here are some new pictures.
Rob taught him this. About as charming as his thumb in the lens!

We went to an apple orchard last weekend. There were apples, of course, but more importantly, there was a train. When it dropped us off to pick apples, and subsequently to pick up/drop off more people, Matthew cried because he thought it was leaving us! And then we taught him how to pluck apples off the tree; once he figured out that apples are really fun to eat right off the tree, he forgot about the train for a second. Just long enough to let us pick enough apples until the train came back!

We also got to pet some animals at the little barn they had there. The cows seemed to enjoy Matthew's impression of them: "MOOOOOOOO!!!!!!" The sheep also like it; try it the next time you're in a barn.

And this one was taken this afternoon. I told him to pose, and this what I got. He is so funny! Of course, this was accompanied by a very loud (everything's loud these days!) "CHEESE!"

I'll try my best to put more pictures up. In the meantime, CHEESE!!!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The Milestones of Our 2 Year-old

Well, he's certainly 2. I'm not sure I can call them terrible yet, but "trying" seems to fit some days! The tantrums are well under way, as are the manipulations and whining, but along with that have come some amazing character traits we are so proud and excited of.

For instance, his vocabulary. Every day it's a new word and we're almost at sentences. Mommy and Daddy need to be VERY careful with what we say, because he listens to and repeats everything we say, or the television says. As an example, Rob was watching golf and they kept saying a certain golfer's name. Now, when asked, Matthew will say his favourite golfer is "Shingo."

Another astonishing trait, given that Rob and I are asleep by 8:30 every night, is Matthew's level of energy! He runs and jumps everywhere! There is absolutely no "Quiet" or "Cautious" in our son's ever-expanding vocabulary!

We wish he was even a little interested in toilet training, but alas, those battles will have to wait for a little while longer. His soother is another not-so-proud habit, but I must admit, I'm dreading that battle as well, and have put it off for just about long enough. He can put on sandals by himself, and is trying very hard to put his pants on alone. The only problem is that he first tries to get his pants over his head, instead of putting his feet in first! We're working on it.

Our son has an amazing (big!) personality. So full of smiles and giggles and full belly laughs. He can count to 5 and knows all of his colours, thanks mostly to daycare and a little to Sandra Boynton books. He makes us laugh every day and while we are so proud of him and can't wait for what the next day brings, we can't help but wish time would slow down just a little!

Now, doesn't this face scream "Trouble-maker"?!

I will never get tired of his "Camera face!"

A funny story to end on (I haven't done this in a month, so I'm making up for it, I guess). With Matthew's endless energy, he was doing laps around our living/dining room and got startled by the dog. He ended up stumbling and falling forehead-first into our staircase. Of course, he screamed, more because he was slowed down than hurt, and I picked him up to inspect the damage. Sure enough, there was a large scratch and an already forming bump and bruise.

"Well, Matthew, it looks like you're going to get quite the goose egg from this."

Amidst the crying (you know, that hitching, almost hysterical crying), and in his most plaintive, saddest voice:

"Honk. Honk. Honk."

We love you, Matthew!

More Party Pics

"Is he really opening more stuff?"
"Hmm. This one looks like it would fit here..."Uncle Jason and Grandpa Moody watching Matthew splash around.

"Get your own, Uncle Jason!"

Great Uncle Bob getting ready to move after listening to the incessant complaining from the two pregnant ladies about the fact that we cannot partake in that fine bottle of wine.

And, as always, one with Daddy. It makes me smile how they both always look so happy together!

Happy Birthday, Matthew!

Happy Birthday, Matthew!

Here we are, another year gone! We had a great day to celebrate Matthew's 2nd birthday with family and our closest friends. Matthew was spoiled with presents and his birthday brought many gifts, most of which related to Thomas in some way. Thank you, Jason and Julie for being the "boring" relatives and giving Matthew something that a) does not make noise, and b) he'll be able to wear...his current wardrobe seems suddenly to be filled with flood pants!

We got Matthew a train table that he's still a little too little for, but loves just the same, as evidenced by the ear to ear grin. That could also be due to the fact that he is not wearing pants; like father, like son.

Luke, Viktoria and Jeff put on their party hats to help Matthew celebrate.

Matthew and I opening one of many, many gifts.

Matthew enjoying some birthday cake (some actually made it into his mouth AND he ate almost all of it with a fork!)

We had an amazing day. Thank you to everyone who was there to help us celebrate!

P.S. Note how in the first picture, the cake says "Happy Birthday Matth" due to the little hand in front!