Sunday, September 24, 2006

Our Weekend

I finally got some pictures of my brother and sister-in-law with Matthew...all it took was to leave them with the camera and let them go crazy! Like us, their version of "going crazy" involves watching television for a couple of hours and still getting to bed before midnight!In the above picture, Jason is learning it is easier to hold a goldfish than it is to hold a toddler! In the picture below, Julie has clearly proven her babysitting skills...Matthew looks like he's actually going to sleep!On Saturday, we went to visit our friends Heather and Tom. Matthew was quite impressed by their dog -- who knew dogs came in cat-size?!
The trip was a success except for a deck incident that resulted in a bruised forehead. Unfortunately, the new bruise matched an older one, so by the end of the night it looked like Matthew was about to sprout horns! I guess that's why holy water bubbles when I'm in church.
And this is how we ended the weekend. Just sitting at home relaxing with a bottle. Thanks Heather and Tom for allowing us to relax this way at your house too.

And the milestone you've (I've) all been waiting for: He says MAMA! At last. And no, I'm not bothered that he calls everyone except Rob Mama. Indy likes it. And Sherwood likes it. And the car likes it. And his dinner likes it...

P.S. For those of you leaving comments, I have added a feature so that when you write them, they come to my e-mail first and I can decide if they're blog-worthy (he he). You know, so I can translate the Portugese before it goes in.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Just Chillin'

So here's where we get into "nothing new or exciting, but here's a picture."

Our weekend was a quiet one for the most part, leading up to the chaos that is (cue horror flick music) Back to Work. We took full advantage of the late summer weather and took Matthew to the park on Sunday. He loves the swings; his giggle is heard all over the park. He also liked to see the geese, but was not impressed to see the mess they made of his stroller. (See, I told you, not that exciting, but the picture's cute, right?).

The other picture I had to share is this one:

We've discovered that one of Matthew's favourite past times is reading. He'll find a book, open it, and "read" it. "Blah, Blah, Blah" page flip "Blah, Blah, BLAH" page flip. He does that until the end of the book and then he gets another one. This morning I caught him following along with his finger! Please disregard the fact that the book is upside down...maybe he's trying to tell me he wants to learn in Arabic.

Reading: check. Saying Mama: no f'n way.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The Actual Update

Yesterday's doctor's appointment confirmed what we all know: Matthew is a really big baby! At 32.5" long, he's in the 98th percentile; at 25lbs 12oz, he weighs in the 90th percentile. No wonder he's outgrowing clothes like crazy! You'd think there'd been flooding in the house every time he wears pants!

At this doctor's appointment we were told he can now eat pretty much anything (no nuts though, so the PB&J will have to wait a few more years). I decided to give spagetti a try...hence the ENORMOUS bib. He liked the meat balls, just not the slippery spagetti. As you can tell by his measurements, he doesn't like anything to escape his mouth!

So, for you inquiring minds that wanted to know, now you do. And in case you're wondering, once again, he shed fewer tears than I did when the needles were administered. Those nurses are getting really tired of giving me lolly-pops at the end of Matthew's doctor's appointments!

This One's For Luke

Yes, Matthew's shirt does say "Jedi in Training." Another one for the first girlfriend! Please note, the light sabre is BLUE and not red. Wouldn't want anyone to think he's training to be a Sith. God Forbid. As you can see from the picture, he obviously has Indy under the power of the Force...doesn't she kind of look like Chewbacca?
Anyway, we just wanted everyone to see that while Matthew is still little, we can dress him up any way we want and he won't complain. Obviously.
Stay tuned to see the "Junk in the Trunk" and "Party Pooper" shirts lovingly created by Allison, Luke's very tolerant wife (along with knowing the name of Chewbacca's cousin, he also wishes he was a Transformer). We love you Luke!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Wiffle Ball Champs 2006

Well, Labour Day weekend took us to Ft. Wayne, Indiana to visit our friends and their family, but more importantly (sorry Josh, Myah, Sophie and Halle!) for Rob to play on the returning champions team in a Wiffle Ball tournament. I've been told we will be returning in September '07 to further defend the title! While the tournament was at its peak, we got to take Matthew to Myah's mom's for a visit, where he played for no less than 3 hours with a Little Tykes kitchen. This picture may be a glimpse into the future of Matthew helping his beautiful wife Sophia with dinner. As well, Myah's mom took Matthew, Sophie and Halle (and Myah and myself, of course) to the zoo. Matthew loved it! He got to take his first ride on a carousel, take a train around the zoo and see tonnes of animals. His favourite was of course the monkeys! He's looking at Orangutans in the second picture below.

Of course, we can't forget how much fun Matthew had with Halle. They'll make great troublemakers one day!
Thank you so much Myah, Josh, Sophie and Halle for a great weekend!