Friday, March 21, 2008

Fire Station Tour

I'm really disappointed these pictures didn't turn out better...I'm not sure if it's the camera or the photographer!

We went to the fire station this week and Matthew got a close up look at the fire trucks, the uniform and the fire pole. All the kids were given a little firefighter's hat and of course, Matthew put it on for three whole seconds (not long enough to get a better picture!), then decided (very loudly)"NO HAT!!!"
When told he could take a turn coming down the fire pole though, he was very excited. So excited in fact, that he pushed some other kid out of the way to get to this firefighter. Obviously that kid does not have the drive and ambition mine does to become a fighter of fires.

This firefighter really got to enjoy Matthew's new favourite word: Again.

I'm a Sucker for the Sleeping Pictures

We work really hard all day. Then, we rest. Well, they rest. I take pictures.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Sebastian is 3 Months Old!!

Where does time go?We hit the 3 month mark today, and I can't believe how fast it got here. Sebastian is sleeping through the night (Matthew still doesn't do this!), eating like a champion (as you can see by his chubby little cheeks), and smiling up a storm. Yesterday he rolled over for the first time, but of course did this only for Daddy and refuses to repeat it for the woman who brought him into this world. His big brother makes him giggle, especially when he's doing something silly like hanging out in the infant chair that once upon a time, he actually fit in. We can't imagine life without you, litte one! (Well, Matthew probably still can!)

What a Weekend!!

40 centimeters of snow. Couldn't somebody tell mother nature that it's MARCH? The Easter bunny's going to have a hard time hopping through all this crap.
Matthew, Sebastian and I "helping" Rob shovel

Sebastian in front of the snow drift in our front yard. Yep. The snow drift really is as high as our eaves.
Only 10 days 'til spring. Only 10 days 'til spring. 10 days. 10.