Sunday, August 10, 2008


The thunderstorm hit just as we were finished seeing everything we could. So, all in all, it was a great day. In fact, it ended with a beautiful double rainbow (I didn't get a good picture because I was out getting ice cream at the peak of it) and an amazing after the storm sunset.
From the windshield as we were exiting the park.

The double rainbow (my ice cream blizzard was a mint oreo. Rob's, a chocolate extreme. Almost as good as the rainbows).

The sun setting on a really fun day.

Petting Zoo and More Animals at ALS

After his cat-nap on the bus, Sebastian was ready to rock and roll.
Again, Matthew wanted to hug the animals. He did manage to get a cuddle in with one of the goats. At first Rob couldn't decide whether to take a picture or break them up. His (our) fear of germs forced him to do the latter (if I had been holding the camera, you know what would have happened).
He got to feed the deer as well. It's pretty cute to hear an almost 3 year-old talk about something non-stop for about 6 hours after the event: "Remember when I fed the deer? Yeah. I liked that. And remember when I fed I petted the camel and it growled at me because I didn't have any food? Yeah. That was scary."Sorry no pictures of the angry 2-hump!

The fruit bats were disgusting.
A new baby elephant was born on July 30th at African Lion Safari. Can you imagine 30 months gestation and then giving birth to a 235lb baby? Poor mamas. The mom and the aunts did a very good job of protecting the little one. I could not get a good picture no matter how hard I tried!

We told Sherwood about our adventures when we got home. This is his impression of a lion. Or maybe a hippo.

Splash Pad at African Lion Safari

It wasn't exactly warm, but that didn't stop Matthew. He loved the water park: he must have gone down this water slide at least 25 times before he complained of being too cold (his lips being blue had nothing to do with it)!
Head firstFeet First, but backwards (we drew the line at going down while summersaulting)Going back for more

Rob looking at the ominous storm clouds "Is that lightning????"

African Lion Safari

The weather wasn't as nice as we had hoped, but we risked it and went to African Lion Safari. Matthew loved it! The rest of us had a pretty good time too.

Storm clouds didn't stop us!
Daddy and Matthew on the bus (we weren't going through with our car...those monkeys would have torn the blueberry apart!)
Mommy and Sebastian on the bus (don't worry, I got my hair cut as soon as we returned home)
Baby BaboonThe lions were really amazing. So much so that Matthew wanted to get off the bus to pet them. We told him they would eat him. Call us horrible parents if you want, but sometimes there's only one good answer to "Why not?"
The bus ride was too much excitement for Sebastian.
The next (at least two) posts are more of our day at the African Lion Safari. I can't figure out how to get this post to come first, so sorry about the order of things.