Monday, July 12, 2010

Matthew's Graduation

Matthew's first graduation. He didn't give a valedictory address, but he was still the star of the show. We are so proud of him! While daycare graduation is not necessarily equated with MIT (where he will graduate Summa Cum Laude, someday), it is still a milestone. He knows every kid's name, as well as their parents'. He is friendly and polite. He's funny. I know some of our genes are responsible, but really, daycare has done great things for him. What a great kid!

Congratulations, Matthew!

My Mom's Visit (in May...oops)

We got to be tourists. It was awesome! Fortunately, we had the best weather in years for the long weekend. We certainly made the most of it!
After packing the kids with every possible weather-wear (rain coats, boots, extra pants, two coats), I forgot to take my own sweater. As a result, I am the proud owner of a Peggy's Cove hoodie. I wanted one with a GIANT lighthouse on the back, but they were sold out.
Another thing I love about our new province? The fact that we don't have hot dog stands, we have lobster stands. Again, the boys were obsessed with the water, and Matthew needed to get his picture taken in front of the "Buoy Trap House." He was even okay with my mom, Sebastian and me being in it.
Lunenburg was fabulous, as well. Although we were just walking around, the boys did amazing. It helped that the street signs were fun things to look at, too!

Seriously, we live in a post card.

We got to celebrate my mom's birthday while she was here, as well. The boys loved it! Not only was Grandma around, but they got to have cake. Well, they got to have icing. Nothing like being mom of the year and saying: "You can't just eat the icing. You are not leaving this table until you finish your cake." To hell with dinner, it's all about the refined sugar and starch.

We had a great visit. Yes, it was 6 weeks ago. Once again, I've dropped the ball on my blog. Sorry this is posted so late. Life has a funny way of moving on, even when you tell it to slow down just a bit!