Sunday, July 20, 2008

Tennis Lessons

For the first time in a long time (and for a long time to come!) we didn't have plans this weekend. Rob took the opportunity to teach Matthew a little tennis. We gave him a raquet with the promise of playing when he got up from his nap. He was so excited he SLEPT with the raquet! He even went straight to the court without a snack. Now, when one of our family doesn't eat, that means it's important!

Rob says his forehand is already better than mine. Too bad that's not saying much!

He's also a better pupil. I stopped listening to Rob years ago!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Where's My Baby??

Slow down time! Please, someone!

Sebastian is 7 months old already. To celebrate, he (of course) said "Da Da." Little punk. He's still not crawling forwards, but it's only a matter of time. He wants to be everywhere Matthew is, so he's trying hard to figure out how to get there. He's sitting on his own, which is an accomplishment he and I are very proud of. His distinguishing feature (aside from his ear to ear, constant grin) is his curly hair. A little bit at the front and a little pig tail at the back makes all the women in my life swoon and all the men tell me I need to cut it. Sorry boys, girls win on this one!! I especially love that this humid weather is making it that much curlier. Rob, on the other hand, tells me it's "ridiculous." Oh well, he has two choices: get over it, or don't ;)
I don't know how much Sebastian weighs, or how long he is, but the only sleepers with feet he can fit in are 18 months, and most of his T-shirts are 12 months to cover his belly. I guess that gives you a bit of an indication. We love you, Sebastian....keep up the grins and giggles!

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Week at the Cottage...

Another wonderful week was had at the cottage to celebrate Darren and Nicola's vacation. Darren has a "thing" about pictures of him being on the internet, so I will respect that...sorry Nicola, the only ones I have of you are with Darren :(

But, we did get a number of other good ones with the rest of the family. When I say "a number," that number is 197!!!! I got a new camera and I guess I got carried away. It's REALLY hard to pick favourites to post on this blog!

Here are some of them:
Daddy and Matthew on the Pedal Boat
You can't see it in this one, but Sebastian is saying "Who IS this guy?" to Uncle Bob (just to clarify, he said that while giggling hysterically).

And my new favourite:

We're pretty sure Matthew is doing this for the attention he gets, not for his actual love for Sebastian, but we'll take what we can get. After Matthew kissed Sebastian, he said "I love you, Buddy." Yep. Pretty friggin' cute.

Cottage Continued

A highlight of the week was new Super Soakers. Matthew LOVED getting people wet and getting wet. Grandpa, on the other hand, was not so sure of the idea.

What can I say about this picture? The margueritas went down really smooth and Sebastian took the fall for that. Sorry buddy, Mommy loves you and Elton John would be proud.

(You can see Rob holding down his arms...those glasses came off before the flash had finished!)