Monday, May 14, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!

We had a great day yesterday; so great we didn't take a single picture! Instead, I've decided to re-post a couple of my favourites. Thanks for such an amazing day. I love my little family!

Our Day with The Animals

Saturday morning the family set out to see the animals of Storybook Gardens. Matthew loved Old MacDonald's farm and is getting really good at shouting out what different animals say: MOOO!! NAY!!! MEEOWW!!! Quite a treat when standing in line at the grocery store. Like his daddy, nothing about this kid is quiet unless he's asleep!

Matthew also really likes the slides and climbers at the park. Notice how I sent Rob down the tube one, and myself declined. It wouldn't have made the same memory if Mommy and Matthew got stuck and Mommy got kicked out of the park for the purple cloud of profanity. Not to mention Matthew learning a few new choice words!

The piece de resistance was getting chased by a peacock. These things are all over the park and while absolutely beautiful, are really scary when they come at you! Of course, Matthew barely even noticed, as he was busy running around trying to figure out how to ditch his parents in favour of a linx or an otter!