Friday, May 29, 2009

Early Spring

The boys are finally playing together. Maybe for only a few minutes at a time, but beggars can't be choosers. Sebastian wants to do everything Matthew does at EXACTLY the same time that Matthew wants to do it. This has lead to a few battles, but luckily Sebastian is a big kid, so can hold his own quite well against his older brother. People warned me about two boys (like I could do anything about it!!): they don't settle their differences by working through it...if it can't be physically challenged, it's not worth the fight in the first place!

Early spring was cold around here, but we made the most of it. Matthew got a new bike and has learned to love it. For a little while he wanted to bring it in and sit on it for dinner. Although we would do almost anything to get him to eat dinner, we drew the line at a Tonka bike at the table.
Of course, Sebastian couldn't be left out. He needed a turn on the Big Boy bike. The hard part was getting him off!

These pictures show us before we really had green grass, but still making the most of our backyard. Winter seems so long! It's so nice to go outside even though playing in the sand box is futile when it's frozen.

Then, there's the slide. Both kids love their swing set. Unfortunately, I've put too much faith in my kids and not enough thought in their actual abilities and recently had to deal with a fall I don't want to repeat. As a result, I have become (cue music: dum dum dum): Rob. Oh well, constantly watching the kids saves me the monotony of pulling weeds.
Sebastian going head first
Matthew coming down right after. Looks like that one's gonna hurt. (He was fine. Yes, Rob's still giving me crap about taking the picture first. He'll eat those words when this makes it on the cover of Time one day).
Here are my boys in one of their favourite places: Matthew's toy box. It's good until one of them decides to close the lid on the other. While the other's still in there.
I can't seem to get enough of this picture. Sebastian is such a charmer, but such a little devil! I've photo-shopped the horns out.
I'll try to post more pictures this week. Since I'm not that interesed in Facebook anymore, maybe this will be my medium again for kid pics. Of course, that means password protection is soon implemeted. Oh well.