Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Just Pictures

I don't often get sentimental, especially on a blog, but I want everyone to know that my family means more to me than anything. Losing someone so important makes you treasure the time you do have with the angels by your side everyday. Here are some of my angels.

Still a sucker for the sleeping pictures.
Indy's new favourite spot to sleep. Note the tongue.
Big Smiles.
Matching pajamas, sitting in a laundry basket. God forbid laundry should end up in it.
Silly Faces. When you ask Sebastian to make a silly face, this is the result. In person it's really funny. On camera it looks a little devilish...fitting.

Mommy and Matthew. Where's my little boy?

Love the ones you're with, cherish the memories of the ones you've lost and take lots of pictures.

Sebastian's First Haircut

We had to cut the curls. His hair was so long it was getting caught in his ridiculously long eyelashes. So, we took him to a kid's place where he got to sit in a Hummer and watch Blues Clues. We got a certificate and a curl or two to remember. About 4 weeks later, the curls are returning...looks like they're here to stay!!

Showing just how long it was.

Just chillin'.

The result.

I do have to admit I was a little upset...I sent Rob with my baby and he came back with this little boy. Sniff.