Friday, June 13, 2008

By the way....

Sebastian is 20 lbs, 12oz (90th percentile), and 74cm long (off the charts by a mile). He's gonna be a big 'un!!

Matthew's Trike

He still has a hard time steering, but he seems to be doing well. I can't believe that 3 short months ago, this bike was WAYYY too big for him. Time flies!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Sebastian at 6 Months

Sebastian's 6 month doctor's appointment is on Friday, and I'm scared to find out just how big he is. I'll keep you posted, but remember my motto: a chubby baby is a happy baby, and Sebastian is proof positive! (Just as an idea of his size, in this picture he is wearing an outfit that Matthew wore at 12 months!!!)

This month he started the wonderful world of cereal. He was thrilled. Well, he seems to be thrilled about everything, but this especially. I can hardly wait to see his reaction to peas.

Also, another new thing is the backwards crawl and the accompanying "I'm stuck under some furniture" wail. He gets frustrated on carpet or the lawn because the backwards push doesn't give him the same motion. Yay hardwood floors. Poor Indy: another one on the loose!He's such a little flirt now. Giggling and smiling at anything and everyone who notices him, including the animals, but especially the grandparents. All of us just want to kiss every roly-poly inch of him!!

Monday, June 09, 2008

As Promised

The resolution is not the greatest, but here are some of the pictures taken by Matthew, with his new camera.
The self portraitQuiet Reflection with Grandma (he obviously used the timer function)

A serious conversation with Grandpa (another timer function)

Okay, seriously, these are the ones Matthew actually took.

He calls this one "Lamp and Couch"Uncle Jason


Our budding photographer is sure to surprise us with more gems like these. Ansel Adams? Hack.