Sunday, October 22, 2006

Here are some pictures...finally!

So, here are some pictures, like I promised. We all know I don't ever buy clothes for myself, especially with changing seasons. But now, we have a kid and I can acutally say I LOVE shopping! For him. I still think a mall is like hell on earth.

This picture is one of his sporty winter hat:
This one, his vest (that we took a couple of pictures in and promptly returned for a better one):

And this one, everything together (in black and white for effect, a la Abercrombe & Fitch; note the action shot):

So, there are some pictures to tide you over. Just to keep you checking, we had a baby group reunion yesterday and all the babies (8 of them!) dressed up in their Halloween costumes. I can't post the pictures until Halloween, but they're worth waiting for! Let's just say the zoo was well represented!

Have a good week...thanks for stopping by, Matthew friends.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

No, I haven't forgotten about this Blog!

As you can imagine, life has been pretty busy these days getting back into work mode. As a result, I don't have any pictures or updates for you...yet. Hopefully this week I'll post some pictures along with some witty reparte (does that work when you're not really talking to anyone?). Anyway, keep checking. Be sure you'll get a bunch of pictures for Halloween. Matthew has the cutest costume. Of course he does! He's the cutest kid. Too bad his bad mom doesn't have any pictures!

Monday, October 02, 2006

First Day of "School" :(

Well, it's official: my maternity leave is actually over. I keep saying it, but no one is answering: where did the last 13 months go?? As expected, Matthew did better than I did today. As I was a blubbering idiot at the daycare, he just looked at me as if to say "Okay mom, go. And fix your mascara; you look like a rodeo clown."
Indy, on the other hand, looked quite upset when we were getting ready to leave:

Hopefully she'll get through this without tearing the tail off one of the cats...or God forbid eating a turtle.

Well, wish us luck with the rest of the week...tomorrow I'll wear waterproof mascara!