Thursday, November 30, 2006

More Comparisons

Pepsi Christmas Party 2006
Pepsi Christmas Party 2005 The picture is not the best this year. We're hoping for a better one from the organizers, but you get the idea. Matthew had a better time this year than he did last: we didn't have to wake him up to see Santa, but we did have to pull him away from the playsets. Poor Santa had a hard time holding the little wiggle-worm!
This week's been hard for us...another ear infection, stomach flu (for all of us!) and his first and second major "incidents." One involved shattered glass and a paranoid trip to the doctor (I thought we'd have Christmas pictures of Matthew as a pirate, complete with eye patch). Luckily, she told me I was being a "first time mom" and he was perfectly fine. The other involved a call at work from the "babysitters" of the day (Ron and Dee):

"Hi. Where's the Polysporin?"
Again, a minor nick, no big deal, and Matthew probably uses it to score chicks at daycare. Anyway, have a great a week everyone!

Monday, November 20, 2006

Whas' Ahhhhp?

Nothing New or Exciting

Here are some pictures of Matthew playing in the basement with his million toys. He loves his "Drop and Roar Dinosaur." His newest trick is dropping (or pushing) a ball (or Lego, or his fingers, or his foot, etc) through the holes and when the dinosaur makes its "roar" sound, he immitates it. As you can see, today he tried to stuff a truck, a little cow, the "driver of the bus" a book, and Indy's feet through the holes. Finally, he settled on just pressing the button to make the lights and sound effects. His IKEA rocking horse is also a favourite, but we do get a little concerned when he tries to stand on it, or rock himself hard enough to face-plant!

He loves this one. And I figured my dentist didn't need it anymore.

For those of you keeping track, this is what Matthew looked like this time last year:

Just to put it into perspective, look at the tennis ball in comparison to his head. Time flies when you're having fun!

Sunday, November 12, 2006

This One's For Myah

Myah's blog posted the cutest picture of one of her babies sleeping with her bum in the air. Never one to be outdone (you know my competitive spirit...haha), I had to post pictures of Matthew doing the same thing. They're pretty old, but Myah, rest assured he still sleeps the best when his bum's way up! I just figured I can't take anymore pictures of it, since he's already going to have a deep-seated fear of flashbulbs!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Matthew's First Haircut

Well, Rob finally got tired of Matthew's hockey hair, so we took him to get it cut on Friday. We went in with an '80's rockin' mullet and came out with a certificate of bravery, a million pictures and a cute little boy -- my "baby" no longer :(

We went to a special kids place with TVs at every station (Backyardigans was a good choice for us; Daniel Cook weirds me out) and a different "mode of transportation" as the seats. Matthew didn't blink an eye, except when they wanted to put the cape on him. He ripped that thing off like it was burning his neck. It took less than half and hour for the transfomation, but it will take a lifetime for Rob's mom to forgive us for not waiting to see if he got ringlets. Sorry Dee, we just didn't want to take the risk of rat tail formation instead!

They even spiked it with gel. Yep, that's right. Our kid's a stud.
Maybe when he makes it to the NHL he'll grow it out for playoffs and we'll see about those ringlets! (God forbid he should end up looking like Jaromir Jagr of '96!!)

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Happy Halloween!

Here are the pictures of Matthew's first walking Halloween. Despite not feeling very well, he really took to going to neighbours houses and showing off how cute he looked. Well, we did anyway!

In this one, we're just leaving to go to the daycare party. It's early and Matthew's not feeling all that good, so that's why there's no smiling. Sorry.
This one's a little better. His little tongue is at the ready to get candy. Or just to drool on his costume ("Maybe then they'll take it off!")And this next one shows the family resemblance (for those of you who say Matthew looks more like Rob's side than mine!)So there you have it; Halloween was a success.

And for those of you hounding me on my deathbed (Anonymous, I know who you are!) are you happy now?

Babies' Halloween Party

Sorry it's taken this long to post...Matthew and I both have a touch of the flu. I wanted to e-mail those who posted and tell you to keep your pants on, but that may have been rude. So I posted it here for all to see.

The Halloween party for the babies that I wrote about earlier was a huge success. The hit of the party was our little car that Matthew loves so much. If you're wondering what to get a 1-year old for Christmas, this toy is it. As soon as one baby had her turn, she was all about protecting it...there was growling, screaming and crying over it. A true sign of a good toy. Near the end, we got them all dressed up in their Halloween costumes to take this picture:

As you can see, the zoo is well represented with 2 monkeys, a bunny, a lamb, a chicken, a ladybug and a pumpkin. Unfortunately, Mike Wazowski (Monster's Inc.) would not sit for the photo opportunity. Shortly after this shot was taken, all babies had meltdowns. I wonder why?

As well, a couple of weeks ago, the other "Monkey Mom" and I got together for this shot. "Hey Matthew. That's a nice banana."

Halloween is a lot of fun when your kids are too little to complain about their costumes or how silly they look in them!