Friday, January 21, 2011

Winter Wonderland

Someone said to me: "If we've got to have winter, we might as well have snow." As a hater of this season, I do understand that statement. So, out we go into the snow.
Our front yard is a bit of a hill, so it's perfect for little sleds. You'll notice in the above picture that Sebastian has decided to go down backwards. Little thrill seeker!
Up they go again.
Man Down!
Just kidding. Matthew actually did this on purpose. This time I didn't just snap a picture and then find out if he was okay. I promise this was staged...Matthew has entered the silly boy phase of life, complete with knock knock jokes.

All the same, we did head inside. To the land of pretend:
Nana brought costumes for the boys to play in. Our little pirate and superhero were hard at work after some fun in the snow.

Of course, Mommy needs a rest after all of this (the camera sure is heavy!), so lets the boys occasionally veg out with their new toy. Yes, a video game. Hopefully I won't let it turn into them writing with a strange combination of letters and numbers (CU L8R) or avoiding speech altogether in order to text one another. I figure a little Mario Party or Midnight Bowling never hurt anyone. In moderation. And look, they're sitting together without trying to turf one another out of the same chair. It's almost progress!
So yes, if we have to have winter, we might as well have snow. And imaginations, and a little electronic help every now and again!

Monday, January 10, 2011

The Remote Control Spider

A few weeks ago, we were looking through the Toys R Us catalogue to see about ideas for Santa. The wish book is packed full of great stuff: remote control cars, lego, music, games, etc. So much stuff to look at! While flipping through, we came across a remote control spider; a black widow to be exact. Rob is not a big fan of spiders (who is, really?). I pointed it out to Matthew who seems to be getting into bugs and lizards and things.
"Oh Matthew, look at this! Wouldn't Daddy HATE that?"

That was it. With a twinkle in his eye, Matthew decided that was the only gift he wanted to ask Santa for: a remote control black window spider. So there you have the story of how Fuzzy came to be.

Sunday, January 02, 2011

Happy New Year

Well, another year has come and gone. Hopefully 2011 starts for you as well as 2010 ended for us. Full of food, fun and family.

Rob reading The Night before Christmas. What's Christmas without this classic?
Santa came!
The gifts of the season were a remote control spider (I'll tell the story of how that came about in the next post!) and a remote control Buzz lightyear, complete with Spanish language option.
My favourite gift was one Matthew picked out for me. Without any prompting from me or Rob, he told Rob he had to buy me a yellow bow for my hair. They made a special trip to the mall on the 23rd just to pick that out. I want to wear it everywhere.
Another successful Christmas.
After Christmas, we spent Boxing Day with Nana and Grandpa and some great friends. Sarah and Wade had us over to their house for Christmas dinner, so we had them over for Boxing Day. They had turkey (with the best stuffing EVER), we had lobster (I love it here).
I was wearing a sleeveless shirt under a sweater and with all the excitement, it was getting pretty hot. I took my sweater off before we sat down to eat. The boys had eaten before us (their palette appreciates hot dogs more than crustaceans) and Sebastian came into the dining room to see all the action. "Why you naked, Momma?" A cherished holiday memory.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!