Sunday, January 21, 2007

And You Thought I Was Kidding...

I've told everyone about how our son is a complete camera hog. As soon as someone brings out a camera, he NEEDS to be in every picture. Here is proof that he's all about posing.
The casual, bored pose:

The "So funny it hurts" (also known as "Even my tonsils are cute") pose:

And finally, the intellectual "I see," pose:

As soon as he sees the little red light on our camera, he makes the "so funny it hurts" pose. After that, it's really hard to take a picture because we're laughing so hard. He know's he's the centre of the universe. We're screwed.

Finally....a Weekend Away!

This weekend we got to get away...on Pepsi! Rob's great work got us a family trip to Collingwood, where we got to enjoy the snow (luckily Mother Nature helped us out and we got some!!) and spent some quality time away. This picture is the view from our room at the hotel.

Being the skier that I am, I did not hit the slopes; I didn't want to embarrass everyone with my skills. By skills I mean I falling on my bum. By embarrass everyone, I mean the people I would be skiing with. Instead, I took Matthew to a water park on the resort and Rob strapped on a snowboard. He loved every minute he was out there, but I'm sure his knees are going to punish him for reliving his youth! We had a great time and I think after Matthew got over his initial shock of the cold, he had fun too. Here we're getting ready to go for a walk around the village. Matthew was concerned about snowblindness, so he decided to put on shades.

Once we got out there, he ditched the shades in favour of a makeshift balaclava. He'd make a pretty cute bankrobber, wouldn't he?

We had a great weekend. Please help us to do it again...drink more Pepsi. Please e-mail me for a complete list of products that will enable us to repeat this trip next year.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Welcome 2007!

Matthew's new favourite game is hiding in the cupboards and opening the doors really fast. While he's in there, it is a lot like the scene in "A Christmas Story" when Randy hides because "Daddy's gonna kill Ralphy." The biggest difference being Matthew's not whining, he's giggling softly to himself.
And this picture is sure to haunt Matthew when he gets older. With the power of digital cameras, Rob and I only took two pictures. This one of our kid with cabbage on his head is one. Yep. That's right. Cabbage. The look on his face clearly says "Are you kiddin' me??" Luckily Grandpa was close at hand to remove it.

The other picture is of Indy trying to eat the cabbage hat. She's always looking out for Matthew's best interests.

Well, hopefully 2007 is as good to you as 2006 was to us. Keep watching Matthew's progress...I'm sure the next few months will be interesting. Hopefully I can capture a temper-tantrum on film. That'll beat the cabbage hat any day!

Happy New Year Everyone!