Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Just before the Snow Begins to Fly

We got our first snowfall of the season this morning. In honour of that, I thought I would post a few more pictures of the fall. You know, just in time for the Christmas pictures.

Unfortunately, this was one Saturday afternoon where Sebastian actually napped, so he missed out on the afternoon fun with leaves. The older kids got to enjoy the warm fall day as only a group of little kids can: with total reckless abandon.
Our neighbourhood is a fantastic place to play. Here the kids pose for a group raking picture. This was likely taken just before someone got poked with a rake.

Next, Tristan and Matthew thought it was a great idea to put each other inside the leaf bag. Fortunately, they got out before collection time.
As always, Matthew's way of playing involves diving face first into something. We ended the afternoon with Matthew exhausted and a little dirty. A perfect afternoon for a four year-old.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


What a beautiful weekend we had at the cottage. It was cold, but of course, that didn't stop anyone. Especially one camera-happy Mommy! I hate fall for being the season that brings us winter, but it is surely my favourite for pictures!
Sebastian and Matthew loved the dock. Almost more than they did in the summer. Watching the pretty-coloured leaves fall into the water made them so excited. As well, picking the leaves for the Thanksgiving centre-piece was a responsibility they took very seriously.

"Come on, Sebastian! Come look at the water. But you have to WALK." Spoken just like his Daddy!
Picking out leaves for the centre piece.
Loving every second with Grandma.
"What about this one? I think it would look great in our cornucopia." Yep, my son not only can pronounce, but knows the meaning of the word cornucopia. Thanks, Nana! Even Indy enjoyed the cool air and bright sunshine.
These next pictures are just me having fun with the camera. It's so hard not to take a million pictures of such adorable people!
See you next summer, Cottage!

Fire Station

Thanks to one of our neighbours, we took a spur of the moment trip to the firestation. A 100th anniversary party including fire trucks, firestation tour and BBQ. We had a great day.
Sitting in the trucks was a huge highlight for both boys.

Making the siren sound in the 1940's truck was another. They're both really smart boys, but may have hearing problems...."Only once" meant absolutely nothing to them. In fact, when being told this instruction by a fire fighter, both looked at him like he was reciting quantum physics. (Which Matthew may understand)

The only low-light of the day for Sebastian was Sparky, the fire-dog. Much like animatronics, Sebastian does not care for costume-clad characters. We found the best way to threaten Sebastian into staying with us instead of running off in every direction was to tell him Sparky was coming. We're horrible, we know, but seriously, he's TWO; anything to get him to stay in one spot for more than 3 seconds! Anyway, we made it up to him by getting ice cream after the event. All's well that ends in ice cream.

Now both the boys want to be firefighters. I hope it's not related to the obsession with that pole....

Monday, October 12, 2009

Indiana '09

Well, no wiffleball tourney this year, but we had fun just the same! We got to bake:

Eat ice cream:
Share ice cream:
Run around after eating ice cream:

Hang around the kitchen table and tell stories:
And generally just catch up with old friends.

Now, Sebastian is not doing too much talking (or at least, he wasn't when this was taken), but he did learn the word "Josh." When we left Indiana, it was "Josh?" complete with hands up in questioning as in "Where's Josh?" Since we left, any new male he meets, he calls Josh. Obviously he made a new friend!

Thank you so much Josh, Myah, Sophie, Halle and Ian for being the best hosts we could ask for! Can't wait to do it again really soon!

Donkey Sanctuary

I love this place. The boys do, too and we all feel good about donating to the donkeys. This organization does a great thing. If you're in the mood for some light reading.....

Anyway, we took the boys and some friends for a morning of fun in a barn. Doesn't sound fun, but it was.

Our friends making new ones.
Our boys brushing something only slightly larger than Indy. We asked, and the volunteers said just because something acts like an ass, doesn't mean it actually is one. Sorry Indy, you're stuck with us!

Matthew refused to take his shades off, even in the barn. The result: Corey Hart pictures of Boy with Goat.

Our kids are so cute!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Summer Fun

Busy, busy, busy.

Collingwood with our friends. The boys took in some TV. Notice, for once, Matthew is the only one wearing pants.
Some time at the cottage. Sebastian needs to be everywhere Matthew is and usually insists on hugging or holding Matthew's hand. It's cute until Matthew no longer wants to be hugged/held. Then Sebastian tackles him.
African Lion Safari with Grandma. Another successful trip, despite the cold weather. At least we didn't get rained on...surprising, given the year we've had!
This is the face Sebastian gives just before he gets into trouble. I think after this one was taken he rushed a peacock!
Our little charmers.

Happy rest of your summer!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Finally, A Post...

No excuses. Except one: busy. Well, technically two: busy and TIRED!

The boys are crazy, but so funny and full of energy. We've had a great summer so far, with a couple of trips to the cottage (one of which was with Darren and Nicola again), soccer and general silliness. I won't bore you with details, just pictures. Well, maybe a few details.

Fresh off the plane, we had a "Welcome to Our Home" party for Darren and Nicola. To celebrate, Sebastian got out the bubbles. That kid will do anything for bubbles. Apparently, it's genetic, but I will not run. Not even for bubbles.

Nicola and Sebastian took a little time to admire Matthew's soccer goal victory dance. Once I figure out how to upload it, I'll post it. Just imagine Matthew running around the adjacent soccer field then barrel rolling for close to 2 minutes. Funny.

While at the cottage we got a chance to go for lunch with both sets of Aunts and Uncles. Since they live on different continents, it was an exciting event. Our children were, let's say, "spirited" and I wouldn't be surprised if cousins were put on the back burner for a couple more years. If the idea wasn't scrapped altogether.

The cottage experience wouldn't be the same without a campfire. In this one, Uncle Darren is likely answering one of Matthew's "But, Why?" questions with an elaborate (and factual) answer that would make any adult's head explode. Luckily, Matthew just absorbs it all and continues on an endless path of alternating "But, Why?" and "How do you spell *insert word of choice here*?"

Sebastian is quite a character these days. And by character, I mean: Huge. His 18 month check- up told us he's a ginormous 32lbs (for all you moms, that's a size 5 diaper and a size 2T shirt!). He's not saying much, but "Mine," "Bubbles," "Yogurt," and, of course, when a camera appears, "Cheese." I guess he says that last one when he sees the actual food as well.

Look at those adorable, chubby, edible cheeks!!

Here he's watching Matthew play soccer. Also, hamming it up.

While he doesn't say much, he's quite the singer. His favourites include The ABCs (which he has re-named The EFGs for the part he knows), and Row, Row, Row Your Boat. Pictured here, complete with boat.

Then, there's Matthew. What can I say about Matthew, except: Where did my baby go???? He's ALWAYS talking (case in point: first trip to the cottage, he talked the entire 3 hour car ride, barely stopping to catch his breath). He is reading. Not just memorizing, but actually sounding out words and reading. He's also started spelling. Don't worry, he's started the Mensa testing this week.
Not only is he smart, he's athletic, too. So much so, that he feels using his hands for soccer can only be an advantage when you're that good with your feet.

To add to his genius, Matthew is also very creative. Not only does he have a stuffed elephant named "Elephanty" ("How about Elly, Matthew?" "Nope. Elephanty."), Rob also gave him the honour of naming his new fishing boat. Here you have him riding in Boaty with Daddy.

Here he is being dragged behind Boaty on the tube. "FASTER, DADDY!!" could be heard all across the lake. Finally, a rare moment of peace.

Lastly, a picture of the boys looking through loving eyes at their father. Disregard the obviously pointing finger, discrediting the look of loving and replacing it with one of "We'll listen for 3 seconds, then we're off like rockets in opposite directions. That's what you get for making us sit down."

So, there it is. A post. You're welcome.