Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Merry Christmas!

Hope your holiday was as great as ours was. And we hope you got a 1/4 of what our spoiled little man did! Ho Ho Ho!

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Babies' Christmas Party

What a success! No major meltdowns, no fighting over toys (everyone was even really good about the car!), tonnes of food and fun presents. Isn't this what Christmas is all about? Oh yeah. Jesus. Well, let's just say the babies were angels and call it a day.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Just Pictures

For those of you that don't read it anyway, here are just some pictures. Our little man loves the camera!And just to prove he's not always all smiles:

Winter Wonderland

Friday brought us record-breaking snowfall and as a result, we got a "Snow Day." Work was cancelled and I was not going to brave the roads for daycare, so it was just like my maternity leave...only much more exhausting! I can't believe how much this kid can move! And climb! And yell! That being said, I had such a good day. Dare I say it? I'm really looking forward to Christmas! Pull yourselves off the floor, people; I just mean so I can spend more time with my little family!
We took Matthew and the dog for a walk with Matthew in Rob's sled from when he was little. We made it about 4 houses down the street before we decided it was too hard to pull our chubby guy...Indy was not at all cooperative when we hooked her up like a reindeer! Just to prove that we love her too, here's a picture of our girl enjoying the snow (without the antlers and reins):
And now, we're back to 7 degrees and slushy. Nothing prettier than black snowbanks and salt-covered cars. Tell me again why we don't live in Hawaii?