Friday, August 05, 2011

Ontario Part 2

The rest of our vacation was spent visiting family. On the way, we stopped in Niagara falls for a little splash and relax time!
Next stop was to (finally!) meet my nephew. What an adorable little guy!! Jason and Julie are easily the proudest parents I've EVER seen. Why wouldn't they be?
Of course, Grandma came to visit with all of us. We even went to Storybook gardens for the afternoon.
Now, we all know that Sebastian is a little charmer. I keep saying that I'm really glad he's adorable because he's such a trouble-maker! He knows how to read people so well. Case in point: a slide for riders bigger than 42 inches. Sebastian is only 40" so we told him that he couldn't go up the long tower of stairs because he would only be told to walk back down.
"No, Mama. I go up."

Up he went. From the ground, all we could hear were a few giggles from the supervisor at the top of the stairs. Next thing we see are Sebastian's feet coming out of the slide followed by an ear-to-ear, "I told you so!" grin.
"I telled her I was big enough, Mama. She my fwend now, Mama. Next time I go up, she'll say, 'Hi Sebasian." Sure enough, the next time up, we see his little head looking out the guard rail and hear "Hi Sebastian!" from the supervisor. Charmer.
Matthew seemed to enjoy himself as well.
Last stop was Luke, Allison and James.' The boys got in a few laps in the pool and Luke even shared some of his toys.
As all vacations are, this one was too short, but we made the most of our time with good friends, family and laughs.

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