Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Sometimes I can describe him as my ultimate joy. Other times, my absolute despair. Tonight I had just finished reading some stories when he got out of Matthew's bed (where we read) to go say goodnight to Rob. As he was leaving, he grabbed my hand, opened my fingers and kissed my palm. Then he closed my fingers around my palm and told me "I give you a kiss, Momma. Don't evah, evah lose it. You can put it in your pocket if you want."

I love our kids so much. They make me want to cry or pull out my hair almost every day. Then I get a gift like this to help me realize it's worth it. After noticing Sebastian's little baby belly is slowly disappearing and he's "almost 4, then I will be 5, then 6, Momma. Just like Massew's goin be 6," I realize time goes so quickly. So what if I'm bald and crazy? I'll always have a kiss in my pocket!

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